MK/Shadw EDM Sample Pack

販売価格 価格 ¥2,000 通常価格 ¥2,000 単価  あたり 

A sample pack of 139 sounds by MK (JPN) and Shadw for a wide range of dance music scenes. Lead, Stab, Synth, Synth, Percussion, Loop, etc., made from a creator's point of view, with many sounds that make their presence felt from the moment they are loaded!
It also includes a special sound by Komb and Kanae Asaba from our VIP friends! 

Sample Properties

100% royalty-free.
139 samples

Samples Summary

10 Bass Shots
4 Claps
19 Cymbals
12 FX
5 Huge Snare
10 Kick
10 Lead
18 Loop
14 Percussions
10 Stab
17 Synths
10 VIP Friends

24bit 48000Hz WAV