MK/Shadw Vital Soundset

販売価格 価格 ¥2,000 通常価格 ¥2,000 単価  あたり 

Soundset collection for Vital Audio's famous free synthesizer "Vital".
In addition to the sounds used in MK (JPN) and Shadw's music so far, this is a collection of newly produced sounds.
A total of 40 sounds that can be used in a wide range of dance music scenes such as EDM, Future House, Future Bounce, Tech House, Bass House, Hardcore, Trance and more!

Soundset Properties

100% royalty-free.
40 presets

Preset Summary

11 Bass preset (BA)
15 Lead presets (LD)
4 Pad presets (PD)
6 Pluck presets (PL)
4 FX presets (FX)


Vital ver 1.07 (Basic Free) or later