Nhato Serum Bass Essentials

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This is a collection of bass presets produced by Nhato, one of the leading trance music producers in Japan and got #1 on Beatport Trance Chart 3 times. This library covers wide range of dance music productions.



kors k
 - DJ, Producer


This bass presets is very useful and contains a wide range of tones from unique and high-quality Nhato sounds to versatile tones.
I recommend this!

 - Composer, Arranger, DJ


It contains a lot of high quality sounds that suit modern tracks. Especially the Wavetable Bass, this set is so full of sounds that you may not need anything else if you own it.
The basic sounds are also included, so it's useful for building your own sound from there.
It's a must-have collection.

Taku Inoue
 - DJ, Producer


I use Nhato's presets & samples constantly!
This bass presets also contains bass sounds suitable for various genres with Nhato's high-quality.
And that's not the only good thing about his packs. For example, the names of the presets are not too fancy, and you can understand what they are by reading them, and each sound is not only cool, but also has parameters that can be used in a wide range of genres. It's a real workhorse!
I enjoy using this as a base and adding my own originality to it. I recommend it to professionals and amateurs alike!

Tutorial by MK/Shadw

Sound Creator

Nhato [Twitter] [Spotify] [Apple Music]

Soundset Properties

  • 100% royalty free.
  • 110 numbered presets.
  • Tested by the leading producers.

Preset Summary

  • 100 Bass presets (BA)
  • 4 FX presets (FX)
  • 6 Lead presets (LD)

110 sound in total with 19 wavetables


Technical Specification

  • Format(s): FXP, WAV(wavetable)
  • Type: Presets
  • Number of file(s): 1
  • Number of presets: 110 (19 wavetables)
  • Size: 99 MB
  • Label: Anagram Sounds